Report Reveals Over 7X Difference in Price-Performance Value Across 10 IaaS Providers

The 2017 Top 10 Cloud IaaS Providers Comparison Report analyzes nearly 1.5 million data points collected over a twenty-four hour period to rank the ten leading IaaS providers in the industry

The study analyzes the performance of four different VM sizes for each provider, and reports on performance and stability results for CPU, Block Storage, and Memory. Based on the performance data collected and published prices, the Cloud Service Providers are ranked with a CloudSpecs Value Score.

Organizations looking to make a strategic investment into IaaS must understand how price and performance can vary widely between providers, and across workloads and resources —thus greatly affecting total cost of ownership.

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  • 1&1
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • CenturyLink
  • Digital Ocean
  • Dimension Data
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Microsoft Azure
  • OVH
  • RackSpace
  • IBM Softlayer

IaaS Provider Comparison: Key Findings

This report underscores the disparity in value within the IaaS market as defined by price and performance; debunking the notion that “all cloud offerings are the same.” As the market demand for cost efficiency of the public cloud grows, this report emphasizes the need for enterprise buyers to be diligent in considering overall performance and right-sizing of VMs. Findings from the report include:
  • While Cloud Service Providers often use the same terms to label resources (i.e., vCPUs, RAM or memory, and block storage), differences in the underlying hardware, architecture, and performance tuning lead to entirely different results for similarly sized machines— illustrating a lack of performance standardization in the public cloud IaaS market.
  • On VM performance, the 10 IaaS providers in the report exhibited a difference in nearly 2X.
  • With block storage performance, the difference among the 10 IaaS providers exceeded 15X.

2017 Top 10 CSP Price-Performance Ranking

Cloud Service Provider Benchmark Ranking 2017

Based on performance results and vendor pricing, the top 10 Cloud Service Providers are ranked in order of their overall CloudSpecs Value Score™.

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