Feeling the pressure to ditch your servers and move to the Cloud?

While there is great interest in adopting public Cloud services from providers such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, mature enterprises also have investments in existing data centers and IT infrastructure that can still be leveraged and optimized. Therefore, hybrid Clouds have emerged as the dominant Cloud deployment pattern for many organizations.

A hybrid Cloud strategy allows organizations to maintain currently-owned IT infrastructure, while exploring public Cloud services for new development and innovation initiatives. However, a hybrid Cloud deployment often presents many challenges for organizations intent on pursuing this approach. These challenges may be technology-related, organizational, and many are cultural and behavioral.

Hybrid Cloud Strategy

This white paper explores the hybrid Cloud IT operating model and offers a Hybrid Cloud Bill of “Rights” to direct the organizational hybrid Cloud strategy.

These are the things you must get “right” to succeed with your hybrid Cloud strategy. Covered in-depth in this white paper are the seven things you must get “right” with your hybrid Cloud:

  • Establishing and deploying a Cloud strategy
  • Developing a business case and cost baseline
  • Designing a hybrid Cloud organization
  • Implementing hybrid Cloud-enabling technology
  • Determining the sequence of services: public first or private first?
  • Establishing a Cloud governance model
  • Achieving desired business outcomes

Included in the white paper is a hybrid Cloud agenda: a checklist of things you need to do tomorrow to implement the Hybrid Cloud Bill of “Rights” within your organization.

Download this white paper to ensure your hybrid Cloud deployment is aligned with growth of your organization; poised to take full advantage of the benefits of the public and private Cloud, while limiting risks and unforeseen roadblocks.

Download the White Paper:
Hybrid Cloud Bill of Rights