Cloud Portfolio Management

A Strategy for Optimizing IaaS Competition and Lowering Costs

Cloud adoption is accelerating, and the rapid rise of Cloud computing has strained IT governance, security and oversight processes as they adapt to deal with new technologies, services and managing costs.

Cloud portfolio management provides a framework by which an organization can control and govern existing private cloud services as well as new public cloud offerings.

The trend now is clear, and hybrid multi-Cloud deployments are the rule, rather than the exception. Cloud adoption has raced ahead of internal oversight and management processes, and the need to rebuild and re-assert control over Cloud adoption has come.

This white paper helps you understand the importance of Cloud Portfolio Management and how it applies to your organization. Key takeaways:

  • Cloud portfolio management ensures the right Cloud service provider (CSP) mix for optimal negotiating leverage and competition
  • Benchmarking private Cloud services against public Cloud services can objectively determine the competitiveness of your current services
  • Cloud Portfolio Management ensures the proper mix of Cloud services for the most-used and most critical services to avoid vendor lock-in and ensure service-level competition
  • Cloud portfolio management provides a management framework to optimize Cloud OpEx spend and achieve cost reductions
  • Price-Performance benchmarks of your public Cloud providers helps identify the value of each offering and provides tools to negotiate discounts
  • Cloud Portfolio Management is a new and essential discipline for large enterprises that consume large volumes of public Cloud services.
Eric Marks

Meet the Author:

Eric Marks, VP Cloud Strategy
Cloud Spectator

Prior to joining Cloud Spectator, Eric Marks was President and CEO of AgilePath Corporation, a vendor-independent IT consulting firm which focused on technology innovation (Cloud computing, Big Data, SOA/API, integration).  Eric is an Information Technology veteran with 25 years’ experience with firms including Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Cambridge Technology Partners and others. Eric is also a published author of six business and technology strategy books.


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Cloud Portfolio Management
A Strategy for Optimizing IaaS Competition and Lowering Costs

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