Why an Enterprise Cloud Strategy Matters Now

Discover your Cloud adoption archetype and plan a Cloud strategy that works for you.

Does your organization have a well-defined Cloud strategy?
If not, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Developing an enterprise Cloud strategy is an essential ingredient for your organization to adopt the Cloud, but many organizations fail to take the time to develop a proper plan due to a lack of resources and adequate foresight. This can ultimately be a costly mistake, leading to unmet goals and disappointing outcomes.

This whitepaper, Why Cloud Strategy Matters, covers the importance of developing and revising Cloud strategy at every stage of the Cloud adoption journey. These stages are defined by five Cloud strategy “archetypes,” or universal patterns that are driving the demand for a formal Cloud computing Strategy:

  • Strategy First
  • Strategy Backfill
  • Strategy Reset
  • Cloud Strategy Refresh/Renewal
  • Strategic Urgency (business driven)

This Cloud strategy download is an integral guide for any senior IT decision maker to identify which archetype their organization falls within, possible weaknesses, and guidance for developing a sound Cloud strategy moving forward.

Please let us know a bit about yourself to download the whitepaper: Why Cloud Strategy Matters; The Cloud Strategy Imperative and What You Should Do About It.

Eric Marks

Meet the Author:

Eric Marks, VP Cloud Strategy
Cloud Spectator

Prior to joining Cloud Spectator, Eric Marks was President and CEO of AgilePath Corporation, a vendor-independent IT consulting firm which focused on technology innovation (Cloud computing, Big Data, SOA/API, integration).  Eric is an Information Technology veteran with 25 years’ experience with firms including Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Cambridge Technology Partners and others. Eric is also a published author of six business and technology strategy books.


Download the Whitepaper:
Why Cloud Strategy Matters
The Cloud Strategy Imperative and What You Should Do About It

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